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About Carroy U "Cuf" Ferguson, Ph.D.

Carroy U. Ferguson made history in 2006 as the first African American and first person of color to be President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. He is currently Co-President. He is also an Associate Editor of the national and international Journal of Humanistic Psychology. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston College, is a tenured Professor and Past Dean, College of Public and Community Service at University of Massachusetts-Boston, is a co-founder of Massachusett's historic Commonwealth Diversity Fellows Program, is a co-founder of two visionary organizations (Interculture, Inc. and Associates in Human Understanding), is a human relations, multicultural, and organizational development consultant and workshop facilitator, is a clinical practitioner, and is a published author of books, articles, and other writings on various topics. His research interests include a focus on the evolution of consciousness, human relations, race relations, and multicultural perspectives.


Present Co-President, Association for Humanistic Psychology
Present College of Public & Community Service, University of Massachusetts Boston
Present Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

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College of Public and Community Service
University of Massachusetts-Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
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