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Healing Our Race-Linked Wounds
ANCHOR (2015)
  • Carroy U Ferguson, UMASS Boston
There is a race-linked wound in the human psyche that requires healing, an age-old wound that has been festering since human beings became aware of being aware. The race-linked wound is related to humanity’s past and present inability to comprehend and to appreciate perceived human distinctions and differences at individual and collective levels. It is also related to humanity’s attempt to make meaning out of its awareness of and experience with light and dark. The ultimate culprits are fear—fear of differences (otherness), intimacy (closeness), the unknown (unfamiliar or new) or vulnerability (death or annihilation)--and a mechanistic tendency to reduce people to objects.
  • Race,
  • Culture,
  • Mind,
  • Psyche,
  • Psychology,
  • Consciousness,
  • Social Psychology,
  • Philosophy of Mind
Publication Date
Spring May 20, 2015
Citation Information
Carroy U Ferguson. "Healing Our Race-Linked Wounds" ANCHOR Iss. 3 (2015)
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