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Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World "Seems" Insane
AHP Perspective (2016)
  • Carroy U Ferguson
During periods of upheaval when the world “seems” insane, it is important to stay grounded in your “being-ness” and to focus your consciousness on who you truly are as a unique human being. The temptation in such unsettling times is to resort to mechanistic thinking, and to reduce people to objects. Such thinking ultimately leads to reinforcing stereotypes and unwarranted inhumane feelings and acts toward the “other”. In 2016, we are currently immersed in such a period, and have been so for some time.
  • consciousness,
  • positive psychology,
  • humanistic psychology,
  • mindfulness,
  • spiritual,
  • mental health,
  • politics
Publication Date
February, 2016
Citation Information
Carroy U Ferguson. "Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World "Seems" Insane" AHP Perspective (2016)
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