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A Primary Human Challenge
AHP Perspective (2008)
  • carroy u ferguson, UMASS Boston
We may ask why, at both the individual and collective levels, it has seemed so difficult for us to choose to evolve our human games with Joy. There is no one answer for such a question, for each of us has the gift of free will. I will suggest, however, that built into our human games is what I call a primary human challenge. That primary human challenge is a dynamic tension, flowing from our creative urge for the freedom “to be” who we really are in our current physical form, and simultaneously to embrace our responsibility for our Being-ness.
  • Consciousness; Empowerment; Politics; Perspectives; Paradigm; Emotions; Beliefs,
  • Psychology,
  • Sociology,
  • Philosophy,
  • Politics
Publication Date
Spring May, 2008
Citation Information
carroy u ferguson. "A Primary Human Challenge" AHP Perspective (2008)
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