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About Gregory C. Keating

Gregory C. Keating is a professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Southern California. He teaches torts, legal ethics, and seminars in legal and political philosophy. He is an editor of a torts casebook and writes on torts, professional responsibility and legal theory. He has published articles on the morality of reasonable risk imposition and the law of negligence more generally; on the history of and moral justification for strict liability in tort; on why justice requires that we take inefficiently great precaution against significant risks of death and devastating injury; and on issues of professional responsibility, with particular attention to the problems that confront practicing lawyers. Some of his recent titles include “Putting Duty in its Place, with Dilan A. Esper, (Loyola Law Review, 2008) (Symposium: Frontiers of Tort Liability), “Pricelessness and Life: An Essay for Guido Calabresi” (Maryland Law Review, 2005) (Symposium: Calabresi’s Costs of Accidents), and “Rawlsian Fairness and Regime Choice in the Law of Accidents” (Symposium: “Rawls and the Law,” Fordham Law Review, 2004).


Present William T. Dalessi Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Southern California Law

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