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Vexing Situations: Ethics and International Practice
The California International Practitioner (2004)
  • Gregory C. Keating, University of Southern California

Practicing law, especially in the international context, often involves non-legal dilemmas which must be considered and resolved. Sometimes the situations involve legal ethics and can be resolved by referring to the rulings promulgated by various bar associations and other lawyer licensing organizations. However, often times these situations arise in a context that can only be understood when historical events or social norms are considered. Accordingly, there may be no clear answer. In such cases, the attorney must rely on his or her common sense, and appreciation of the feelings of the parties involved. This article presents six situations that, at onetime, substantially confronted a practicing attorney. Two respected law professors, Greg Keating from USC Law School and Bob Lutz from Southwestern Law School, who teach Professional Responsibility and International Business Law courses, respectively, comment on these six situations and give their opinions as to how they might be resolved. Hopefully the reader will consider the analysis helpful to reach a resolution.

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Gregory C. Keating, Vexing Situations: Ethics and International Practice, 13 The California International Practitioner 10 (2004).