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About Edmund Wigan

Special interests in psycho-acoustics and the measurement of distortion. (Biography at Created the microphones used in the black Bakelite phones while at Greenwich(then Woolwich Tech); a major contributor to measures of distortion in broadcast sound, responsbile for the Quality of all BBC transmitters and the Quality Meter that subsequently helped them maintain that new standard: lead designer of field radios at SRDE (Signals Research and Development Establishment) Southbourne Hampshire during WW2 and afterwards. Invited to join as Special Merit Senior Principal at the BBC Research Department in the 50-60s.. inventor of the 1-4c/s offset to stop booming feedback in complex hall PAs- subjective measures of distortion- precision measurement instruments...perennial patent creator..

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Present Alumnus, University of Greenwich

Acoustics (8)

Deafness (1)

Distortion (4)

Electrical (4)

Electrical, (1)

Feedback Management, (1)

hypnosis (2)

Measurement (18)