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About Adam Hodges

My research, which is situated at the intersection of linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, and discourse analysis, focuses on issues of social or political concern as they play out in discursive interaction, such as the collective enactment of racism or justification of political violence.

In my book, The ‘War on Terror’ Narrative: Discourse & Intertextuality in the Construction and Contestation of Sociopolitical Reality, I examine the discursive response to terrorism after the events of 9/11. The study explores the way a narrative organized the experience around the concept of a “war on terror,” and how the narrative was both reinforced and challenged through the social circulation of sound bites and talking points.

My recent line of research focuses on the role language plays in enacting and perpetuating racism, such as in mainstream media reactions to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin or the utterance of racist remarks by prominent personalities. I examine the way ideologies of language and race work in tandem to shape understandings of racism, as well as the way situated narrative activities connect racial events to widely circulating discourses about race and racism.

Reflective of my interdisciplinary background and interests, I have taught in a variety of departments, including the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University, the Linguistics Department at Stanford University, the Anthropology Department at Colorado State University, and the Linguistics Department as well as the Program for Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Colorado. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon’s campus in Qatar, a small campus that serves students of around forty different nationalities.


August 2017 Present Visiting Assistant Professor (Qatar Campus), Carnegie Mellon University English
January 2014December 2016 Visiting Assistant Professor (Qatar Campus), Carnegie Mellon University English
August 2010May 2012 A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Humanities Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University English

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  • Language & Culture
  • Language in Society
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Language, Power & Politics
  • Language in US Society
  • Language & Gender
  • First-Year Writing & Rhetoric
  • Interpretation & Argument
  • Academic Reading & Writing
  • Technical Communication


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