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About Feng Chen

My interests have been focusing on several aspects including: (1) functional food/nutraceuticals, which focuses on characterizing the health-benefiting bioactive chemicals in foods and agricultural products, especially those from medicinal plants, and inducing bioactive phytochemicals through various techniques such as chemical stresses, fermentation, genetic engineering, etc; (2) food flavor chemistry, which encompasses determination of volatile chemical profiles of interested foods and non-food agricultural matrix by using modern state-of-art instruments, such as GC-MS, LC-MS, etc, and studying mechanisms and pathways of characteristic flavor formations; (3) Food safety on rapid chemical analyses and development of antibodies for medicinal therapeutic research combined with the nanotechnology.
The Selected Works below represent only those that have been made openly available via PubMed Central. For a full listing of my work, please see my current CV which is available for download on the right-hand tool bar.


Present Faculty Member, Clemson University

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