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About Marcus R Wigan

Marcus Wigan ( has worked across the boundaries of many disciplines, and continues to do so: his fathers site, an eminent acoustical engineer, is at Marcus is Emeritus Professor of Transport and Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University, a Visiting Professor in Civil Engineering at Imperial College London, and an Honorary Fellow at the Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University. Other areas of long term community and professional input and engagement include bicycle, walking, and motorycle studies, as transport instead of the very popular safety only published work. He has become in his dotage a serial degree collector: the most recent handful being an IP Law Grad Dip, an International Relations Masters, a Masters in Applied and Professional Ethics- all at the University of Melbourne and research Masters in Musicology from Monash University. (Historical additions include a Grad. Dip. In Organisational Psychology from VUT, Masters in Asian Studies and an MBA from Monash, and an MA and DPhil in Nuclear Physics from Oxford. Current active research interests include the live history collection of working 1979-99 microcomputers and software( and their social impact, especially a large collection of working expert systems of the era, most Australian), with concurrent studies in digital humanities and Information Ethics. Recent work includes the build up of the Science Fiction Collection at the Monash Library Rare Book Room, analyses of research impact and the support of researchers in their work via the new generation of tools such as ResearchGate and Academia and the span of publication (the years between publication and most recent citation), recent outcomes on the interactions digital hearing aids and music as well as the historical musicology of MIFOH in Australia over 40 years are both well over 1000 downloads since 2017 with continuous utilization at the same level since 2017. Most recent publications are on the changes in professional ethics for ITC professions, and the interactions between QALYS, ML and embedded medical devices, and shortly the less obvious uses of chatbots and explanatory AI. Current work is on the roles of expertise and experts in public service and in policy (colloquia and an upcoming book), multi-IP mediated recovered historical digital music repository (for >200GB and growing) of recovered historical MIFOH performances, and in nonlinear eLiterature approaches to biography.

Selected papers, presentations, and audio and video presentation and interview recordings will be discussed and introduced here, with links to where the full papers (if not posted here) can be secured or downloaded.

Recent requests for copies of some of my motorcycle journalism in the dim distant past are being responded to here in a new section for Journalism: for some reason my readers seemed to enjoy my tales of real and at best middle field but enjoyable racing and road test reports form around half a century ago....perhaps I was closer in skills -or lack of them- to my readers than many other writers...

Sometimes old papers will be posted, with comments on why that are placed here.
1 An early one is on locational based services and the implications, for example, written well before LBS exploded into daily use.

2. A paper written well before 3D printing gained its current broad momentum and, surprisingly, yet still has something to offer in terms of the industries still vulnerable to zero length supply chain disruption-including the logistics industry itself.

3. A very early (one of the first in fact performance comparison of early microcomputers, which emphasises the role of floating point processors even at that early date, and will cause mild amusement (if not amazement at what we did with such weak computation power) to all those who started their computing in the 21st century...

4. A set of materials from the first systematic pricing principle for geospatial data in Australia, using Ramsey pricing and MonteCarlo estimation in the mid 1990s

5. The first use of large scale repositories to develop thesaurus entries using inverted search engines, picking out methodological terms (a classic problem in metadata keywords prior to this)

6. My earliest publication (on the calibration and validation of models) that has been continuously cited and read in 2024 after 54 years

This site will also later be used to look at predictions made years ago in published materials - and how the world actually turned out!

I have also used this site to acknowledge the many co-authors and co-workers with whom I published during many very productive and busy years, much of which is now recognised as well before its time and some continuously cited after over 40 years) at the Australian Road Research Board by listing both the papers and their names with my thanks.

This site is an eclectic collection of materials that I have been asked for:

For a much more comprehensive coverage, check Academia, Researchgate and Google Scholar. As a guide to the utilisation of his materials see these diagrams from Google Scholar, please note:

1. He started publishing in the international refereed literature in 1965
2. Google diagrams -see below- only go back to 1985, so 20 years of publications are omitted (1985-1990 can be seen on Google Scholar diplays by sliding over towards 1985)
3. He was retired (active verb) in 2007, so almost all his citations are post retirement: see below taken on 15 February 2024


2006 - Present Visiting Professor, Imperial College London ‐ Department of Civil engineering
Present Emeritus Professor, Edinburgh Napier University
Present Principal, Oxford Systematics
2016 - 2017 Professorial Fellow, University of Wollongong

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2015 - 2017 MA (Musicology), Monash University
2012 - 2015 MA (Applied and Professional Ethics), The University of Melbourne
2010 - 2012 MA (International Relations), The University of Melbourne
2008 - 2010 Grad.Dip. Legal Studies (IP Law), The University of Melbourne
1965 - 1998 Grad.Dip Applied Psychology(Organisational), Victoria University of Technology
1993 - 1994 MBA, Monash University
1993 - 1994 MA (Asian Studies), Monash University
1992 - 1994 Undergraduate Major, Swinburne University of Technology ‐ Psychology Department
1964 - 1967 DPhil, Attached Staff AERE Harwell, University of Oxford ‐ Hertford College
1960 - 1963 BA(Hons) (Physics and Mathematics), University of Oxford ‐ Hertford College

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