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ITS16 SWZ Wigan Gaffney Benjamin Soft vehicle soft cars soft transport V6.doc
23rd Intelligent Transprt Systems (ITS) World Congress (2016)
  • Marcus R Wigan
  • Scott Benjamin, Parsons Brinkerhoff
  • John Gaffney

Automated vehicles are part of a broader picture where the trade-offs between hardware, software and human interaction are blurred and it becomes much more difficult to distinguish between infrastructure, vehicle and person. We have chosen to express this as soft vehicles, soft infrastructure and soft transport. Governance will be increasingly be affected by these three interactions. Examples of this interaction is considered. Transferring control from the active driver to a mix of vehicle and infrastructure is under way. Autonomous vehicles are clearly simply the first step; and one that already creates problems for risk management. This might best be expressed in terms of Mobility Not Transport: and Activities and Services not just Movement. Concrete examples are the impending collision of increasing monitoring of road systems by sensors feeding traffic control applied to direct road movement management signals (soft roads), and the growth in autonomous vehicles reliant on GPS and sensors and massive processing becoming more dependent on a mix of software and communications. Overlaps and mergers of these and other aspects are inevitable, moving towards flexible sharing of the responsibilities for sensing, control and action. Consideration of autonomous vehicles need to travel under ‘their’ own steam in remote areas is important with potential reliance on a system like Galileo/Egnos and the communications and control available from the safety of life parameters of this system. Greater recognition and responsiveness by government is now clearly critical to decrease harm to the traveling public, increase transport efficiency and resilience of our transport networks.
  • Automated Vehicles,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Mobility,
  • Governance,
  • Galileo,
  • Egnos,
  • Smart Cities
Publication Date
Fall October 14, 2016
Melbourne Australia
Citation Information
Marcus R Wigan, Scott Benjamin and John Gaffney. "ITS16 SWZ Wigan Gaffney Benjamin Soft vehicle soft cars soft transport V6.doc" 23rd Intelligent Transprt Systems (ITS) World Congress (2016)
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