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About Walt Cressler

My research interests concern the evolution and history of landscapes. This has involved paleobotanical and geological investigations in the rocks of the Late Devonian Period - a time when the earliest forests were spreading, seed plants evolved, and fish developed limbs and were entering new habitats.

This interest in landscapes has lately focused on three small watersheds of southeastern Pennsylvania and their natural and cultural history. I have posted here working papers on aspects of the Chester, Ridley, and Crum Creeks.
I invite comments and suggestions on the material in these watershed history working papers. You can contact me at


Present Professor, Department of University Libraries, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Present Science Librarian; Repository Administrator, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Curriculum Vitae

Paleobotany Articles (8)

Chester, Ridley, Crum Watersheds History (3)

Plum Run & Gordon Natural Area History (1)