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The Flow of History along Ridley Creek
Ridley Creek flows southeast for 24 miles from the South Valley Hills of southern Chester County through Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where it enters the Delaware River between the City of Chester and the Borough of Eddystone. Ridley Creek and its tributaries flow within a narrow 38 square mile watershed that includes parts of eleven townships, five boroughs, and one city. This illustrated story highlights many of the natural and cultural features of the Ridley Creek watershed, from its sources to where the creek finally meets the waters of the Delaware River.
  • Ridley Creek,
  • Rose Valley,
  • Media Water Works,
  • Ridley Creek State Park,
  • Tyler Arboretum,
  • Sycamore Mills,
  • Ashbridge Preserve,
  • Rushton Woods,
  • Okehocking Preserve,
  • Goshenville,
  • Willisbrook Preserve,
  • Immaculata University,
  • Widener University,
  • Chester,
  • Penn Terminals,
  • Sun Shipbuilding,
  • Samuel Bancroft,
  • Upper Bank,
  • Sackville Mills
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September 3, 2020
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The Flow of History along Ridley Creek. (2020)
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