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The Flow of History along Crum Creek
Crum Creek flows for 24 miles from the southern flank of the South Valley Hills in Malvern Borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, through Willistown Township and into Delaware County, where it joins the Delaware River between Eddystone Borough and Ridley Township. The watershed includes 15 municipalities within its 38 square mile area. This illustrated story highlights many of the natural and cultural features of the Crum Creek watershed, from its sources to where the creek finally meets the waters of the Delaware River.
  • Crum Creek,
  • Paoli Massacre,
  • Waynesborough,
  • Sugartown,
  • Springton Lake,
  • Newtown Square,
  • Smedley Park,
  • Thomas Leiper,
  • Rose Tree Park,
  • Kirkwood Preserve,
  • Bartram Covered Bridge,
  • Aqua Pennsylvania,
  • Swarthmore,
  • Boeing Helicopters,
  • Willistown
Publication Date
September 4, 2020
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The Flow of History along Crum Creek. (2020)
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