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About Susanne U. Jänecke

THESE PUBLICATIONS ARE POSTED in Digital Commons FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE and to make our research public and easily accessible.  Posting in Digital Commons also meets requirements of funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation, NEHRP, USGS, Southern California Earthquake Center. There is more information at ( Please see the publisher if you desire originals. Most entries have a suggested citation for your convenience. Each entry is posted and clearly marked according to its kind.   Theses and a few poster presentations are included and marked as such. Universities across the world use Digital Commons to disseminate published, reviewed, and thesis work. This lengthy explanation of Digital Commons is in response to an unfounded personal attack on me and a colleague during a professional meeting in Sept. 2020.

Please contact me directly if you go not find the material you expect or need in this Digital Commons archive.  Please contact me directly if you do not find a complete article, in pdf format where you expect to find one in this data archive, or if the url to free data is no longer working.  In instances of supplemental or repositories, I often append the supplemental material to the original .pdf.  In one or two instances, I appended the color figures from the web-only version of a publication.

Dr. Susanne U. Jänecke is a Professor in the Geology Department at Utah State University.  Her specialty is regional tectonics with an emphasis on the structural evolution of active strike-slip and extensional systems in western North America.  Current Research topics include: structural geology of the San Andreas fault at its southern tip, crossing but coeval active strike-slip faults, active faulting modified by landing of Lake Bonneville in northern Utah and SE Idaho, growth structures, neotectonics, geologic mapping, Lake Bonneville and the diversion of the Bear River, deep-seated gravitational spreading, latest Cenozoic volcanism around the Basin and Range province, and bias against women in academia.  She earned a BS from the University of Michigan, MS from the University of Arizona and Ph.D. from the University of Utah.  She has been a professor at USU since 1991 and is married to James P. Evans, a structural geologist (

I organized the publications by topic. Most papers relate to multiple themes and therefore appear under different headings.   Select " browse article type" for a chronological list of publications and links.  "Abs." is an abstract for a professional meeting. You can also consult my web page or contact me for reprints at susanne.janecke "at", but this archive is the one that is most current.

A few other useful sites are listed in the links below. 
Dr. Susanne U. Jänecke
4505 Old Main Hill
Department of Geoscience
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-4505
Please call main office to get my phone number 435-797-1273 

Teaching visuals at  
Almost all of my publications are made more accessible in USU’s Digital Commons: 
One of my web sites about imagery for geoscience work

Find useful teaching visuals at 

The umlaut in my last name is in my publications from 2017 onward.  Hold down “a” until umlaut option come up on a Mac, press 4. 

Note that Pinterest is a great platform for science, especially its visual aspects. Archived geologic processes you will find in my Pinterest boards include: liquefaction, structural geology, dunes, glacial and periglacial landforms, mass wasting, volcanism, LIDAR, deltas, geology and geophysics web sites, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Go to for a visual catalog of geologic science, phenomena, rocks, faults, images, and beauty.


Present Professor, Utah State University Geosciences

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Departmental Teaching Award-First ever was awarded to the entire department
  • Fellow Geological Society of America


  • Geology 5630: Geologic Image Analysis
  • Geology 4700:Field Methods
  • Geology 2500:
  • Geology 5610/6610:Tectonics of Orogenic belts
  • Geology 6800:Active Margins Field Seminar
  • Geology 5200 (team):Field Camp

Contact Information

4505 Old Main Hill
Department of Geology
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-4505
call Geo office for more contact info


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