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About Stephen J. Ross

In the simplest terms - I am a legal psychologist. To make it a bit more complex - I am an applied social cognition researcher interested in understanding how the social and cognitive processes associated with memory and decision-making influence actions within the criminal legal system. Much of my current research focuses on aspects of eyewitness memory and decision-making with specific focus on identification procedures. However, I am also interested in research evaluating investigative interviewing techniques with compliant (i.e., interviewing eyewitnesses) and non-compliant individuals (i.e., interrogations of suspects), deception detection and juridicial decision-making. Although my research interests are broad, they are connected through an underlying interest in how basic cognitive and social principles influence decision-making across these contexts.

Current Research
As mentioned earlier, my research focuses primarily on understanding how social and cognitive factors influence decision-making in the criminal justice system. Although the majority of my work focuses on the factors that influence eyewitness memory and decision-making, I have also conducted research evaluating deception detection, investigative interviewing, juror bias, and juror decision-making. Upon arrival here at UW Tacoma, I set up the Center for Applied Social Cognition Research (CASCR) in which I work with undergraduate research assistants on studies examining these issues. More information about our research is available on the CASCR website.


Present Assistant Professor, University of Washington Tacoma

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