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Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony of Adults
The Handbook of Forensic Psychology
  • Stephen J. Ross, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Colin G. Tredoux
  • Roy S. Malpass
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Book Chapter
This top professional and academic reference in forensic psychology is an established presence as both a professional reference and graduate text. This Fourth Edition is completely revised and updated for the new and rapidly growing demands of the field to reflect the new tools available to, and functions required of, present-day practitioners.
Citation Information
Ross, S. J., Tredoux, C. G., & Malpass, R. S. (2015). Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony of Adults. In I. B. Weiner & R. K. Otto (Eds.), The Handbook of Forensic Psychology (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Credo Reference.