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About Reyes Coll-Tellechea

Reyes Coll-Tellechea is Professor of Latin American and Iberian Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.Her areas of specialization are: Spanish literature (Peninsular); 16th and 17th century; history of Spanish literature; literature and society'; literature and history; history of the book.

I joined the University of Massachusetts in 1993. At the heart of my scholarship is a concern for history (literary, political, and cultural), an intense interest in exploring the political use of rhetorical tools (the political function of literature and history), and a strong curiosity about the strategic use of language in the construction of competing political versions of the past.
I seek to understand the complex dynamics established across time by literature, culture and society. Specifically, I am fascinated by the political use of rhetorical tools in Spanish fiction as well as in Spanish historiography. I have been working intensely on these topics throughout the years and I intend to continue with the same intensity in the years to come. For the impetus for my search arises not from an external source but from my own life experiences. My scholarly work flows along two main pathways. First, I study the 16th and 17th century Spanish novel, specifically the literary genre known as the picaresque novel; second, I investigate fictional representations of history in late 20th century Spanish literature; that is to say, the ways in which Spanish history is portrayed in contemporary works of fiction.

Professor Coll-Tellechea maintains an active public profile in the community. She served in Mayor Walsh’s Transition Task Force (Human Services,) the City of Boston Diversity Task Force, and the Executive Committee of the ARP- Massachusetts. She frequently volunteers as a translator and interpreter for Massachusetts Non-Profits.
At the University of Massachusetts Professor Coll-Tellechea has been frequently elected by her peers or appointed by administrators to serve in demanding university committees dealing with academic evaluations, administrative hires and reviews, long range plans, student affairs, and curriculum. She chaired the Department in several occasions. She has served as external and internal academic program evaluator in Massachusetts.


Present Professor, Latin American & Iberian Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston


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Telephone: 617-287-7555
Office Location: McCormack Hall, 04.00607


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