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About Randy Borum

Dr. Randy Borum is a Professor and Director of Intelligence Studies in the School of Information and Academic Coordinator for Cybersecurity at the University of South Florida. Prior to joining USF, Dr. Borum was an Assistant Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine. He has served on the DNI's Intelligence Science Board (ISB), on the Defense Science Board Task Force on Understanding Human Dynamics, and on the National Academy of Sciences' Steering Committee for Sociocultural Data to Accomplish Department of Defense Missions . He regularly teaches and consults with law enforcement agencies, the Intelligence Community, and DoD, and has authored/ co- authored more than 150 professional publications.
Dr. Borum has been an instructor with the BJA State & Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program since 1999, and worked as a Senior Consultant to the U.S. Secret Service for more than a decade helping to develop, refine and study behavior-based protocols for threat assessment and protective intelligence. He has previously served as a sworn police officer, Forensic Coordinator for a regional state psychiatric facility, and as full-time faculty at
He has taught at the FBI Academy, FLETC; JFK Special Warfare Center and School (Ft. Bragg); Joint Special Operations University; CIA; and the US Army Intelligence Center and School (Ft. Huachuca). He was Principal Investigator on the "Psychology of Terrorism" initiative for an agency in the US Intelligence Community. He serves as an advisor to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit-1 (Threat Assessment & National Security), the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), the FLETC Behavioral Science Division, and is listed on the United Nations' Roster of Experts in Terrorism.
Dr. Borum is a Past-President of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology, and currently serves as Senior Editor of the Journal of Strategic Security and of Military Cyber Affairs.
Performance in High-Risk Encounters:
Another facet of Dr, Borum's professional interest lies in improving human performance under stress, particularly in high risk and threatening encounters. In the mid-1980s he began applying principles of motor learning and behavior (and sport psychology) to enhance police officers' performance in high-risk situations,and taught courses on "Performance Under Stress" at the police academy. He has since become a Certified Sport Psychologist (National Institute of Sports Professionals), and has held NSCA certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Copper-Level (Intro) Coaching certification with USA Wrestling. He has written a monthly sport psychology column for Black Belt Magazine, and has consulted with elite level combat sport athletes, special operations personnel in the military and law enforcement. You can find some related articles in the section titled: "Performance Psychology."


2015 Present Senior Editor, Military Cyber Affairs
2012 Present Director of Intelligence Studies, University of South Florida
2012 Present Professor & Associate Director School of Information, University of South Florida
Present Senior Editor, Journal of Strategic Security

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  • Information, Strategy & Decision Making
  • Information Behavior
  • Core Concepts in Intelligence
  • Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security
  • Custodial Interrogation
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Violence and Public Health Policy

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