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About M. A. Rafe Biswas

I enjoy teaching thermal fluid science and control theory, and am always looking to incorporate unique yet practical projects into my courses.  I have research interests in the areas of process dynamics and control, fuel cell systems and thermal fluid engineering education. I am working collaboratively with my colleagues on the design and construction of a laboratory-scale, interchangeable heat exchanger system to be accessible physically and remotely to students for integrative experiential based learning. My projects included, for 3 years, dynamic thermal fluid model development of a regenerative fuel cell system to optimize the power and thermal performance for a wide operating range for deep space missions as part of ISRU technological development efforts by NASA JSC Energy Conversion System Branch. Moreover, for 2 years, I worked on model development of a ceramic transport membrane system for high-purity oxygen production in applications of space missions and global health, supported by NASA JSC Crew and Thermal System Division and Texas Space Grant Consortium. I am a co-inventor of a patent on fuel cell controls and a co-author of several journal and conference publications on model development and system analysis in different applications including fuel cell systems, heat exchangers and residential building energy. I am a member of ASEE. 


September 2020 - Present Associate Professor, University of Texas at Tyler College of Engineering
May 2017 - June 2021 JSC Faculty Research Associate Engineer, NASA ‐ Energy Conversion System Branch
January 2014 - August 2020 Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Tyler College of Engineering
July 2015 - May 2017 JSC Faculty Research Associate/Software Developer, NASA ‐ Rapid Prototyping Lab


2023 - Present Data-driven Approach to Problem Solving in Engineering Education Using Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Experiments and Simulations
Procter & Gamble Fund
2022/23 P&G U.S. Higher Education Grant
Role: co-PI
Colleague(s): Aaditya Khanal
2022 - 2022 Interactive Experimentation and Learning Experience of an Energy Laboratory System
Procter & Gamble Fund
2021/22 U.S. Higher Education Grant
Role: PI
Colleague(s): Aws Al-Shalash
2019 - 2020 Model and Control Development of Components in Solid Oxide based Regenerative system for Oxygen Production and Power Generation
UT Tyler Office of Research
Role: PI
2018 - 2020 Analysis of a 2-D Thermal-Fluid Model of a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell for Oxygen Production on Mars
Texas Space Grant Consortium
2019 - 2019 Open Educational Resources Grant Program for Mechanical Engineering Laboratory courses
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
2018 - 2019 Integrated Theory, Simulation and Experimentation of a NASA-inspired Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger to teach the sequence of thermal fluid sciences
University of Texas at Tyler Office of CETI
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Professional Service and Affiliations

2014 - Present Member, American Society for Engineering Education
2014 - 2020 Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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Honors and Awards

  • Engineer in Training Certification - 2008
  • Best Session Oral Presentation Award, Graduate Association of Chemical Engineers - 2013
  • Faculty/Staff Publications and Presentations Recognition Award, UT Tyler - 2015-2018
  • Order of the Engineer
  • Top 8 Best Paper Award, Best Paper Nomination, IEEE-2017
  • Nomination for ASEE GSW Young Faculty Award, ASEE 2019


  • MENG 4345/5345: Energy Conversion
  • MENG/EENG 4399/5399: Independent Study
  • MENG 4395: Undergraduate Research
  • MENG 4115 & 4315/4215&4216: Senior Design I&II (F14/S15/S20/F20/S21))
  • MENG 3210: Experimental Measurements and Techniques (formely ME Lab I)
  • MENG 3310: Fluid Mechanics (F13/F14)
  • MENG 3301: Thermodynamics (F13)
  • MENG 3211: Thermal Fluids Lab (formerly ME Lab II)
  • MENG 4312: System Dynamics and Control
  • ENGR 4009: Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Preparation (sunset course)
  • MENG 4313: Thermal/Fluid Systems Design (sunset course)
  • MENG 4330/5330: Process Control (& Automation)


2013 Ph.D., University of Florida ‐ Chemical Engineering
2008 B.S., Auburn University ‐ Chemical Engineering

Research Works (14)

Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

Presentations (29)