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About Jamie Melling

Dr. Melling’s primary research interest resides in studying the role of exercise in Type 1 Diabetics. Through functional and histological evidence it is apparent that neurological information to the pancreas is disturbed in Type 1 diabetic patients, ultimately leading to inadequate metabolic regulation. Studies are being conducted in his laboratory to better understand the role of the nervous system in the regulation of the pancreatic secretion. By ascertaining these regulatory mechanisms, we will better be able to examine intervening methods both pharmacological and physiological (i.e. exercise), to better balance the nervous control of pancreas function in Type I diabetes.


Present Assistant Professor, Western University

Research Interests

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Contact Information

The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Health Sciences
Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building, Room 218
London, ON, Canada N6A 5B9
PH: (519) 661-2111 ext.85374
F: (519) 850-2342

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