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About Ethan Seltzer

Professor Seltzer is fascinated by the importance of context in shaping a region. He teaches interdisciplinary courses on themes of regions, planning, and place. Dr. Seltzer is a recognized authority in the subjects of regional planning, regional development, and the region of Cascadia. His current research continues to focus on citizen participation in planning, specifically the use of crowdsourcing as a participation tool, and on the development of a "region ethic" as a way to contextualize local and regional planning. Students in his graduate classes frequently work on projects addressing contemporary regional issues, including a series of projects on the "Cascadia Ecolopolis" and a new project to identify an interconnected regional system of recreational trails throughout northern Oregon and southwestern Washington to be used as a community economic development tool.


Present Director, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
Present Professor of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University Urban Studies and Planning

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