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Planning the Pacific Northwest
  • Jill Sterrett, University of Washington
  • Connie P. Ozawa, Portland State University
  • Dennis Ryan, University of Washington
  • Ethan Seltzer, Portland State University
The Pacific Northwest is green to the extreme. Yet a day trip can go from pristine wilderness to downtown Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver. How are these commercial and cultural hot spots keeping nature and growth in balance — and what's coming next? Trace the path from forests and fish to bikes and brews in a tale of three cities leading the way to smart growth.

Planning the Pacific Northwest continues the APA Planners Press series on how planning shapes major American cities. The series also includes Planning AtlantaPlanning Chicago, and Planning Los Angeles.
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APA Planners Press
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Jill Sterrett, Connie P. Ozawa, Dennis Ryan and Ethan Seltzer. Planning the Pacific Northwest. (2015)
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