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About Diana K Moreiras Reynaga

I'm a Mesoamerican archaeologist and currently a PhD candidate at The University of Western Ontario.
Growing up in Mexico, I became fascinated by Mexico's rich pre-history reflected in its numerous pre-Columbian archaeological sites, impressive architecture, artifacts, and cultural traditions. I was trained as an anthropologist at The University of British Columbia (UBC). I continued to pursue my interest in Mesoamerican archaeology during my MA, at the same institution, under the supervision of Dr. M. Blake. My MA research involved studying the diets of the pre-Columbian peoples who lived in the Soconusco region (Chiapas-Guatemala) from the Late Archaic to Postclassic periods. During this time, I developed my main research interests in ancient diets, stable isotope analysis of human tissues, and the interaction and use (environmental, cultural, symbolic) of Theobroma cacao (chocolate) and maize by pre-Columbian peoples.

My PhD project entails a study of the dietary and movement patterns via stable isotope analysis of individuals who were sacrificed by the Aztecs at The Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco (Basin of Mexico) during the Late Postclassic period. I hope to learn more about who was chosen as a sacrificial subject by studying the life history of some of these individuals and contribute some nuanced information to further our understanding of the cultural forces at play in the selection of individuals for sacrifice which involved Aztec religious and ritual practices as well as socio-cultural, economic, and political dynamics within the Aztec empire.


Present PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Western University

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Honors and Awards

  • Vanier Scholar (2015-2018)
  • Valedictorian Speaker of 2010 Graduating Class in the Faculty of Arts, UBC
  • Dean’s Outstanding Leadership Award in UBC Community and Beyond (2010)
  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award, UBC (2006-2010)

Contact Information

Department of Anthropology
Social Science Centre
The University of Western Ontario
London, ON, Canada, N6A 3K7
Follow me on Twitter @dimorei


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