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Episode 96: How can archaeologists use isotopes to study ancient Aztec sacrifices?
  • Diana K Moreiras Reynaga
In this Arch and Anth Podcast episode, Dr. Diana Moreiras (Western University) talks to us about her work as a Mesoamerican archaeologist, isotopic chemist and bioarchaeologist.
How did Diana first get into archaeological science and performing research in Mesoamerican studies? What isotopic techniques does she use to study diet and movement of Aztecs in ancient Mexico? Why were human sacrifices a significant part of ritual in Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan and Templo R of Tlatelolco? Who were those sacrificed? What does Diana hope to study in the future?
  • Mesoamerica,
  • Stable Isotopes,
  • Aztecs,
  • Mexica,
  • Tenochtitlan,
  • Aztec sacrifice,
  • Bioarchaeology
Publication Date
Winter January 9, 2020
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Moreiras Reynaga, D. K. (2020). Episode 96: How Can Archaeologists Use Isotopes to Study Ancient Aztec Sacrifices? Interview at the Arch and Anth Podcast. January 9.
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