My primary research interests include: social workers' discovery, evaluation,
and use of information; digital literacy in underserved adult populations; online
research guides and instruction; and website development 



Psychology Guides and Information Literacy: The Current Landscape and a Proposed Framework for Standards-Based Development (with Annie Armstrong), Library Faculty Publications and Presentations (2014)

Purpose: In order to assess the existing landscape of research guides as instructional tools, researchers...



Tutor-facilitated Adult Digital Literacy Learning: Insights from a Case Study (with Elizabeth Withers, Jill Castek, and Stephen Reder), Library Faculty Publications and Presentations (2013)

While the digital divide has decreased, those who are still unable to access and use...



Usability study of a library’s mobile website: an example from Portland State University (with Michael S. Bowman), Library Faculty Publications and Presentations (2012)

To discover how a newly developed library mobile website performed across a variety of devices,...




The Role of a Self-paced, Tutor-facilitated Online Learning Environment in Digital Literacy Acquisition and English Language Development Among Adult Spanish Speakers (with Gloria Jacobs, Jill Castek, Andrew Pizzolata, Elizabeth Withers, and Stephen Reder), Findings (2015)

Access to everyday activities has increasingly moved online, which increases the risk of continued marginalization...



Fear to Fascination: Learner Confidence and Blended Instruction for Digital Literacy Acquisition (with Elizabeth Withers, Jill Castek, Andrew Pizzolata, Gloria Jacobs, and Stephen Reder), Findings (2015)

For many, developing digital literacy requires overcoming a variety of barriers beyond access to a...



How Do Adults Acquire Digital Literacy Skills? Exploring Tutor-facilitated Learning and Teaching Within Community Based Organizations (with Jill Castek, Gloria Jacobs, Stephen Reder, Andrew Pizzolata, and Elizabeth Withers), Findings (2014)

This paper examined the learning and teaching strategies for working with economically vulnerable, under-served, and...



Conquering the Computer: Digital Literacy Acquisition among Vulnerable Adult Learners (with Jill Castek, Elizabeth Withers, Andrew Pizzolata, Gloria Jacobs, and Stephen Reder), Findings (2014)

This paper investigated the digital literacy acquisition process among vulnerable adults and describes how a...



Mapping Standards to Content: Creating Research Guides using ACRL’s Psychology Information Literacy Standards (with Annie Armstrong), Library Faculty Publications and Presentations (2013)

Although librarians have embraced online research guides (typically SpringShare’s LibGuides) as a mechanism for informing...




Reducing Student Costs: A Report on Textbooks and Course Materials (with Marilyn K. Moody, Shadi Alkhaledi, Chelsey Weinmann, Kathleen M. Steppe, Jill Emery, Joel Bettridge, Karen Bjork, Emily Ford, Vincent Schreck, Berrin Erdogan, Gerardo Lafferriere, and Ralf Widenhorn), Reports (2015)

"Reducing Student Costs: A Report on Textbooks and Course Materials" is a report to the...