Rabbi Asher Finkel has been a full Professor at Seton Hall University since 1975
when, in response to the Second Vatican Council, he helped found the Jewish-Christian
Studies Graduate Program and assisted in developing the program's unique curriculum,
which serves as a model for eliminating prejudice through understanding. 

In addition to teaching courses in the graduate program, he also hosts the Lehrhaus, a
weekly Massoretic reflection on the Torah portion for the preceding Sabbath. For 15
years, Rabbi Finkel has given countless students and members of the general public a
deeper appreciation for rabbinic Judaism through his Lehrhaus presentations. 

A disciple of Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik, Rabbi Finkel received his rabbinical
ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University and
earned his Ph.D. from Tübingen University (Germany). Before joining Seton Hall, he was an
Assistant Professor at Tübingen University (1962-1966) and an Associate Professor at New
York University (1966-1973). 

Rabbi Finkel is an expert in the Torah, Rabbinic Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the
Gospels and early Christianity. 


Ph.D., Tübingen University 

Ordination, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University 

B.A., M.A., Yeshiva University 



Elijah in Light of Rabbinic and Early Christian Sources, Teshuvah Institute Papers (2011)

This essay, a comparative study that sheds light on the three aspects of Elijah’s coming...



Biblical Perspectives on Choosing a Wholesome Way of Life, Seton Hall Magazine (2000)

The article discusses the biblical perspective of freedom and human rights.



A Fresh Approach to Jewish-Christian Studies, SIDIC (1995)

A fresh attitude towards Judaism has prevailed in the study of the common roots with...



The Other and the Stranger in Biblical and Rabbinic Tradition, SIDIC (1992)

This article examines the concepts of the "other" and the "stranger" in the Biblical and...



The Suffering Servant Hymn and Its Sequel: A New Translation, SIDIC (1986)

This article offers a new translation and commentrary of the Suffering Servant Hymn and its...




Standing before God (with Lawrence E. Frizzell) (1981)

This festschrift, in honor of John M. Oesterreicher, contains twenty-four essays and reflections on worship...



The Pharisees and the Teacher of Nazareth (1974)

This work compares and contrasts the teachings of the Pharasaic order and the teachings of...


Contributions to Books


Millennium, Jubilee and Human History under God for Jews in the Middle Ages, Ich bin ein Hebraer: Gedenken an Otto Michel (1903 - 1993) (2003)

This is a phenomenological account of millennium in Jewish and Christian thought in honor of...



Israel and Jerusalem Then and Now: The Historical Dynamics and Challenges, Religion and Politics in Asia Today (2001)

This article outlines many of the historical dynamics and challenges of Israel and Jerusalem.




Prayer in Jewish Life of the First Century as Background to Early Christianity, Into God's Presence: Prayer in the New Testament (2001)

This article explores the dynamics affecting the phenomenon of prayer in Jewish life of the...



Women in the Jewish-Biblical Tradition, In Women and Worship: Perspectives from World Religions (2000)

The article examines the role of women in the biblical and rabbinc traditions.

The copyright...



Biblical, Rabbinic, and Early Christian Ethics, Jewish-Christian Encounters over the Centuries: Symbiosis, Prejudice, Holocaust, Dialogue (1994)

This article examines the core priniples of biblical, rabbinic and early Christian ethics.

The copyright...


Conference Papers & Publications


Two Rabbinic Views of Christianity in the Middle Ages, 45th International Conference on Medieval Studies (2010)

This paper compares and contrasts two rabbinic views of Christianity that arose in the Middle...



The Midrashic Construct of Early Christian Texts in Light of Early Homiletics in the Synagogue, 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies (2009)

The Gospel preserves the preaching of Jesus as well as his early Jewish followers who...



The “Alenu” Prayer: A Protest or Acclamation, 44th International Conference on Medieval Studies (2009)

This paper examines the tradition of the synagogal Hebrew prayer of the "Alenu" and was...



Significant Dynamics of Masorah as Attested in Early Rabbinic Texts, Qumran Pesharim and the Teachings of Jesus, 2008 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (2008)

This paper outlines the significant dynamics of the classical masoretic text of the Bible as...



Sabbath Controversy: Ibn Ezra and Rashbam in the Twelfth Century, 43rd International Conference on Medieval Studies (2008)

This paper examines the mid-twelfth century controversy that arose over the issue of whether the...


Unpublished Papers & Articles


Aramaic and Greek Targum as Witness to Early Massorah Dynamics (2001)

This paper outlines the governing dynamics of early Massoretic activities that are attested to by...


Radio Interviews


The Development of Jewish-Christian Studies, The Kinship of Catholics & Jews (2013)

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