A Taeko Brooks received her MA in history from the University of Hawaii, and did
subsequent graduate work in history at the University of Washington. She has been
Research Associate in the Warring States Project since its formal inception in 1993. She
is a member of the Association for Asian Studies and the American Historical Association,
and is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Women, and Who’s Who in the

Her work centers on the Chinese classical period, the 05th through 03rd centuries (the
“Warring States” period of Chinese history) and on Spring And Autumn, the 08th through
06th centuries, which by contrast define the nature of the bureaucratic and military
revolution which took place in the Warring States period. That revolution eventually made
possible the creation of the unified Chinese Empire in 0221. 

She is interested in historical method, including quantitative stylistics; in the
formation and historiography of the classical Chinese texts; and in the large movements
of military and intellectual history in pre-Imperial times. The latter include the rise
and decline of the Micians (the classical Chinese peace movement) , the ritualization of
the Confucians, and the development of meditation as a third way of knowledge, in rivalry
with the other two, and with the dominant practical statecraft of the period, usually
called Legalism. She is particularly interested in populism, the failed but significant
effort of certain elite groups to define the state not as the expression of the will of
the ruler, but as a mechanism for serving the interests of the people. 



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