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About Tracy J. Prince

Historian Tracy Prince, Ph.D. is a Research Professor at PSU's Department of Curriculum & Instruction, a Fulbright Specialist (Malta), and author: Notable Women of Portland, Culture Wars in British Literature, Portland's Goose Hollow, and Portland's Slabtown. She has spent over two decades teaching in Turkey, Canada, and the United States, with extensive research time in England, Australia, South Africa, and France.

Dr. Prince uncovers overlooked parts of history, art, and literature, with research focusing on Native American art and history of Oregon, Chinese vegetable gardens of the West Coast, and her family history of cotton sharecroppers in Arkansas. She has taught in Humanities, English, Urban Studies, Women's Studies, and College of Education departments.

Notable Women of Portland (2017, Arcadia, co-authored with Zadie Schaffer), her research reveals the almost completely forgotten presence of Native Americans in Portland history and other complex ethnic and blue-collar stories that are often overlooked in Portland histories. The book includes chapters on Native and pioneer women, women of the Progressive Era, women of WWI, WWII, and post-war Portland, and chapters on Women in the Arts and Women in Politics.
Culture Wars in British Literature: Multiculturalism and National Identity (2012, McFarland), focuses on enormous changes in what it means to be British in the last century--asking who is included and who is excluded in a British identity and how that is revealed in British literature, with comparisons to America's civil rights movement. 
Portland’s Slabtown (2013, Arcadia, co-authored) Dr. Prince's research uncovered a formerly unknown Native American village in northwest Portland in the long-forgotten and infilled Johnson Creek Gulch, and she uncovered much more extensive Chinese vegetable gardens than previously known. 
Portland's Goose Hollow (2011, Arcadia), the history of Native American, Chinese, Irish, German, and Jewish residents of one of Portland’s oldest neighborhoods and the now-buried Tanner Creek that carved out the gulch giving Goose Hollow its name.

Plus many articles and book chapters.
Books in Progress: Native American Art of OregonNative American History of Early Portland, Chinese Vegetable Gardens of the West CoastMight Oughta Keep Singin' (cotton sharecroppers, race, and music in the American South told through four generations in Arkansas). 
Dr. Prince is proud to have been one of the people who nominated the name for Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People. The Grand Ronde tribe, who are dedicated to keeping Chinuk Wawa (also called the Jargon or Chinook Jargon) alive, also nominated the Tilikum name. Dr. Prince heard that the naming committee was leaning toward honoring Oregon suffragist Abigail Scott Duniway (though Duniway already had a park and school named after her). She felt that Portland does not know about most of its Native American history and does a poor job acknowledging what little it knows. So she wrote an op-ed teaching the importance of Chinook Jargon to pioneers and Native residents in Portland's first 70 years. This op-ed was influential in persuading the committee to choose Tilikum, a Chinook Wawa name meaning "the people."
For over a decade Dr. Prince juggled an academic career and a career consulting for and being an executive for non-profit organizations, working on board development, program development, public relations, marketing, and fundraising. She raised over $9 million for cultural, educational, and social service agencies, including raising the funds to build 2 transitional housing facilities for the homeless (in Omaha and Oklahoma City) and an NEH funded documentary "A Home Out West" for which she was Executive Producer.
Dr. Prince is a frequently featured speaker (as a Fulbright Specialist, with Architectural Heritage Center, Multnomah County Libraries, Oregon Parks and Recreation, Oregon Public Libraries, Oregon Historical Society, etc) on: Publishing Women's Stories; Increasing Women's Representation on Wikipedia; Applying for Residencies, Fellowships, and Fulbrights; Native American Art; Portland History; Notable Women of Portland; The Forgotten Native American History of Portland; Buried Creeks, Gulches, and Lakes of Old Portland; A Hollow, a Creek, and "A War About Geese": Historic Goose Hollow; and Chinese Vegetable Gardens of the West Coast (1870s to 1920s). 

Dr. Prince has also led retreats on ancestry and DNA research to uncover stories in our own family histories.
She is a board member of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation/ Architectural Heritage Center, the McCulloch Foundation, and a member of the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources. She is a former board member of Transition Projects, Inc., Goose Hollow Foothills League (neighborhood association), Neighbors West Northwest, the Native American Art Council, and member of the Historic Columbia River Highway 2016 Centennial Advisory Committee. 
In 2017 she celebrated two big historic preservation victories: 
1) Jantzen Beach Carousel: Dr. Prince worked for five years with Dr. Tanya March and the Architectural Heritage Center to save the Jantzen Beach Carousel (writing op-eds, writing the Restore Oregon nomination for Most Endangered Place, meeting with politicians and activists, and keeping public attention on the carousel). In 2017 it was finally saved from being sold off or left in storage by the real estate company that demolished the building it was in, when ownership was transferred to Restore Oregon to find its final home. 
2) Morris Marks House: Dr. Prince worked for seven years on the Save the Morris Marks House Committee which was pivotal in helping save this beloved Italianate house.
She continues to advocate for restoration of the historic Vista Bridge. And she has written op-eds arguing that historic preservation saves our most affordable housing and helps protect buildings that are important to our cultural and ethnic histories.
Dr. Tracy Prince has been a consulting historian for Oregon Historical Society's Social Studies 3rd grade Curriculum Project for Portland Public Schools, for PSU to add Native history to classes in Curriculum & Instruction department, and for design features and public art/history panels incorporating history on many public and private development projects, including: Providence Park Stadium, public art on the Tilikum Crossing bridge, Vanport Placemaking Project, and consultations on historical photos used in many buildings in Portland. 
2022-2023 Millay Arts residency and non-fiction judge, 2018-2021 Fulbright Specialist (Malta), 2022 UW Whiteley Scholar, 2021 Playa Art and Science Residency, 2020 Djerassi Residency alternate, 2020 Whiteley Scholar-University of Washington, 2019 Playa Art and Science Fellowship (Oregon), 2019 Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts--Writer's Fellowship (Nebraska), 2018 La Napoule Art Foundation Writer’s Fellowship (France), 2012 NW Examiner’s Historic Preservation Award (given for work in historic preservation and for book on Goose Hollow), 2000 People to People Ambassadors Award to South Africa (delegation of North American academics involved in multicultural education exchanged ideas with African colleagues in South Africa), 2000 University of British Columbia Faculty Grant, 1999 International Council for Canadian Studies Fellowship, 1992-1997 Regents Fellowships from the University of Nebraska, 1995 Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship, 1994 Center for Great Plains Studies Grant, 1994 University of Nebraska Graduate College Grant, 1994 English Speaker’s Union Grant (for researching at Oxford University), 1992 Oxford-- University of Nebraska at Omaha Award (for researching at Oxford, England).
"Native American Art of Oregon” presentation
"Notable Women of Portland" presentation 
"Culture Wars in British Literature” presentation
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2018 - Present Research Professor, Portland State University American Indian Teacher Program

Curriculum Vitae


2020 - 2020 Whiteley Scholar
University of Washington
Writer's Residency
2019 Fulbright Specialist to Malta
Fulbright Progam --US State Department
Role: Competitive selection to be on a roster of senior scholars to work on NGO, government, and university projects around the world.
2019 Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts Residency
KHN Center for the Arts
Role: Writer's Fellowship
2019 Playa Arts and Science Residency
Role: Writer's Fellowship
2018 La Napoule Art Foundation Residency
La Napoule Art Foundation
Role: Writer's Fellowship
2016 BinderCon Fellowship
BinderCon (Women's Writing Community & Conferences)
2000 People to People Ambassadors South African Delegate
People to People International
Role: Delegate (North American academics involved in multicultural education exchanged ideas with South African colleagues) Grants from People to People and the University of British Columbia.
1999 International Council for Canadian Studies Fellowship
International Council for Canadian Studies
Role: Fellowship in Canadian Studies
1992 - 1997 Regents Fellowship
University of Nebraska
1994 - 1996 National Endowment for the Humanities Grant
Role: Executive Director of "A Home Out West" documentary
1994 - 1995 Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship
Kosciuszko Foundation
1994 - 1994 English-Speaking Union Research Grant
English-Speaking Union of the United States, Oklahoma City Branch
1994 Center for Great Plains Studies Research Grant
Center for Great Plains Studies
1992 - 1992 Oxford--University of Nebraska at Omaha Award
University of Nebraska at Omaha
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Professional Service and Affiliations

2012 - Present Board Member, Bosco-Milligan Foundation /Architectural Heritage Center
2010 - Present Member, NW Freedom Singers (teaching songs of the Civil Rights Movement)
2004 - Present Member, MelloMacs Choir
2014 - 2020 President (4 yrs), Vice President (2 years), Goose Hollow Foothills League
2014 - 2017 Board Member, Friends of Goose Hollow
2014 - 2016 Member, Historic Columbia River Highway 2016 Centennial Committee
2007 - 2010 Board Member, Goose Hollow Foothills League
2007 - 2010 Board Member, Neighbors West, Northwest (neighborhood association coalition)
2003 - 2009 Board Member, Transition Projects
2005 - 2007 Board Member, Native American Art Council (Portland Art Museum)
2002 - 2004 Faculty Representative, Faculty Senate, Portland State University
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Honors and Awards

  • 2019 Fulbright
  • 2018 La Napoule Art Foundation Residency (international arts/writer's residency)
  • 2015 NW Examiner Community Award (as board member for Friends of Goose Hollow)
  • 2012 NW Examiner Historic Preservation Award
  • 2000 People to People Ambassadors Grant to South Africa
  • 1999 International Council for Canadian Studies Fellowship
  • 1994-1996 NEH
  • 1994-1995 Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship
  • 1992-1997 Regents Fellowships University of Nebraska


1997 Doctor of Philisophy (Ph.D.), University of Nebraska - Lincoln ‐ English (Cultural Studies)
1992 - 1994 University of Oxford ‐ Exeter College (Cultural Studies)
1992 Master of Arts (M.A,), University of Nebraska at Omaha ‐ English and Education
1992 Bachelor of Science (B.S.), University of the State of New York ‐ Regents College (Education)

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