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About Spyridoula Vazou

My research focuses primarily on motivating children and adolescents to be physically active with the ultimate goal of preventing childhood obesity. To fulfill this objective, my research activities are centered around three main themes:
(1) the dynamic nature of peer relationships and interactions in exercise and physical activity environments (in the classroom, in physical education, and in youth sport) that influence children's motivation and behavior
(2) integrating physical activity with academic lessons in the school classroom and the preschool environment and its effects on cognitive function, motivation, and academic achievement
(3) the relationship of physical activity with affect and motivation in normal-weight and overweight children and adolescents.
I recently collaborated with Team Nutrition, Iowa Department of Education and developed the "Move for Thought" kit, which integrates Physical Activities with any academic subject in the elementary school classroom. A new collaboration with the same group will result in developing the "Move for Thought-preschoolers" in 2014, which will integrate movement with pre-academic concepts in the preschool environment.


Present Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Department of Kinesiology


Research Interests

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  • Movement Education in Elementary School Physical Education (KIN312)
  • Elementary and Preschool Movement Education (KIN 284)

Contact Information

235 Forker
534 Wallace Rd
Ames, IA 50011