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About Roger Kjelgren

Roger Kjelgren has mirrored interest in irrigated urban horticultural landscapes and plant water relations and stress responses in urban/disturbed environments.
These interests have led to studies on water use of urban trees that has informed a national standard on estimating landscape plant water use (American Society Ag-Biological Engineers S623 that in incorporated into an outreach program entitled Simplified Landscape Irrigation Demand Estimation: SLIDE Rules.
This expertise has also informed the software program WaterMAPS that aids water agencies to identify and track end user capacity to conserve. Tree water relations interests and expertise finally fits into the dendrochronology program Wasatch Dendrohydroclimate Research (WaDR) group.


Present Emeritus Professor, Utah State University Center for Water Efficient Landscaping

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Location: AGRS 336
Office Phone: 435-797-2972
820 Old Main Hill AGS 316
Logan Utah 84322-4820


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