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About P. Clint Spiegel

My research group is interested in using structural and biochemical approaches to better understand three specific areas in biology: (1) the activation and inhibition of ribosomal GTPases in prokaryotic translation; (2) mechanisms of antibody inhibitors that target blood coagulation factor VIII; (3) crystallographic investigations of computationally engineered proteins and protein complexes. To accomplish our goals, we employ standard molecular biology techniques, biochemical and immunological assays for measurement of enzyme activity and protein-ligand binding, and a variety of structural techniques, such as x-ray crystallography, chemical footprinting and small angle x-ray scattering. We are also actively interested in harnessing structure-based inhibitor screening as well as the evolutionary capabilities of RNA to develop new biotechnologies that address clinical needs in blood coagulation.


Present Associate Professor, Biochemistry, Western Washington University Department of Chemistry

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Western Washington University
Department of Chemistry
516 High Street, CB 443
Bellingham, WA 98225-9150
(360) 650-3137 office
(360) 650-4969 lab


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