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About Paulette Rothbauer

I'm a member of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western where I teach primarily in the graduate programs in Library and Information Science. I teach courses about information sources and services (the required "reference" course) and about teen/young adult library materials and literature. I also share the teaching of the popular elective on children's and teen services. I supervise a number of individual studies with MLIS and LIS doctoral students each year and work in varied supervisory roles with the following LIS PhD students and candidates: Nafiz Zaman Shuva, Natasha Smith, Davin Helkenberg, Mike Ridley, Jay Thompson and Greg Nightingale, Karen Nicholson and Alison Frayne. Previous PhD students include Dr. Lucia Cedeira Serantes and Dr. Kathleen Schreurs.

In Winter 2018 I am teaching LIS9003 Information Sources & Services (F2F) and LIS9367 Children and Youth Services (by distance). I am also part of a collaborative project on a capstone pilot for the MLIS program with Pam McKenzie and three intrepid MLIS students. In the fall, I taught LIS9364 Young Adult Materials and LIS9878 Human Information Practices, a new doctoral elective.

For the past fifteen years or so, I've been researching reading, identity and libraries, looking at the practices of queer young women for one study, and those of rural and small town teens for another. I am curious (and passionate) about the roles that public libraries play (or can play) in terms of supporting the identity work of marginalized people, and feel like I could spend the rest of my career exploring this. My new research agenda has taken a turn to look more closely at the place of reading and libraries among older people (often referred to as "the elderly," "seniors", or "retirees"). I also continue to be interested in the public library as place. My backburner project focusses on the reception of modern Canadian young adult literature from its emergence in the 1970s to the present.

keywords: reading experience; teens and young adults; youth; public libraries; books and reading; Canadian young adult literature; library as place; seniors; older people; leisure reading; contemporary print culture; reviews and reviewing; rural libraries; lgbtq library users

This site is a work in progress.


Present Associate Professor, Western University
Present Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University

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Honors and Awards

  • FIMS Dean's Honour Roll for Excellence in Teaching 2015
  • FIMS Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching 2014
  • FIMS Dean's Honour Roll for Excellence in Teaching 2013


  • LIS9878 Human Information Behaviour
  • LIS9003 Information Services and Sources
  • LIS9363 Young Adult Materials
  • LIS9367 Services for Children and Young Adults

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