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FIMS So What? Why LIS Research Matters, episode 1.1: Reading Still Matters,
  • Michael Ridley
  • Catherine Sheldrick Ross
  • Lynne EF McKechnie
  • Paulette Rothbauer
Early in 2018 Catherine Ross, Lynne McKechnie, and Paulette Rothbauer published “Reading Still Matters: What the Research Reveals about Reading, Libraries, and Community.” Twelve years after their first book on the topic, “Reading Matters,” the authors discuss reading, readers, the role of libraries, changing technologies and, emphatically, why reading still matters. Episode Producer, Mike Ridley.
  • leisure reading,
  • reading for pleasure,
  • books and reading,
  • adult readers,
  • children readers,
  • teen readers,
  • public libraries
Publication Date
October 9, 2018
from the About page of "So What?"

Started in spring 2018 with a launch planned for fall 2018, So What? is a podcast about library and information science research and why it matters.

So What? is created and produced by students at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University. Our student-driven approach is central to our project; we want to provide students with the opportunity to develop technical skills and practice knowledge dissemination. We believe strongly that practical projects and professional development pays off in dividends, in our profession and in our communities.
Citation Information
Michael Ridley, Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Lynne EF McKechnie and Paulette Rothbauer. "FIMS So What? Why LIS Research Matters, episode 1.1: Reading Still Matters," (2018)
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