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About Patrick Belmont

My research interests lie at the crossroads of several disciplines that can generally be classified as watershed science. Specifically, my research program includes development of water and sediment budgets, sediment transport processes and sediment fingerprinting, linking fluvial and hillslope geomorphology, quantitative landscape morphometric analysis, dissolved organic matter production and transport through watersheds, light penetration in fluvial systems, and application of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides to study Earth-surface processes and long-term landscape change.


Present Assistant Professor, Utah State University Quinney College of Natural Resources, Watershed Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • Department of Watershed Sciences Graduate Research Mentor of the Year Award, 2013
  • Belmont et al., (2011, ES&T) Highlighted as an Editor’s Choice in Science October 21, 2011
  • Gangodagamage et al., (2011, WRR) Selected as WRR Featured Article, Recognized in AGU Research Spotlight, EOS. volume 92, number 34
  • Commencement Speaker, Lehigh University, Spring, 2007 Graduation Ceremony
  • Graduate Student Leadership Award, Lehigh University, 2007
  • TA of the Year, EES Department, Lehigh University, 2005
  • Robert K. Fahnestock Memorial Research Award Recipient for 2005, GSA QG&G Division
  • J. Hoover Mackin Award Recipient for 2005, GSA QG&G Division

Peer-Reviewed Publications (21)

Reports (7)