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About Nikos J. Mourtos

Dr. Mourtos joined the faculty at SJSU as a part-time instructor in 1985, while still working on his Ph.D. at Stanford. He has taught courses in both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in a variety of subjects such as Mechanics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Aircraft Design, and introductory courses for freshmen.
His technical research interests include Aerodynamics, Modeling / Control of Vortical Flows and Aircraft Design. His educational research interests include active and cooperative learning, project / problem-based learning, teaching & learning styles, course design, and program assessment.
Dr. Mourtos loves to run, swim, kayak, bike, and hike. He has raced all distances from 100m all the way up to a 43-mile ultramarathon (including 110m and 400m hurdles). He was the 1998 Balkan Champion in the 40-44 age group with a time of 2:09.2 in the 800 m. On the same day, he ran the 400 m in 55.5 sec as a member of the 4 x 400 m relay team which set a Greek Masters National Record.


Present Professor & Director, Aerospace Engineering Program, San Jose State University


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