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About M. C. Rast

My academic work focuses on modern Britain and Ireland, as well as their interaction with the wider world. I investigate movements among Irish nationalists to renegotiate or to sever Ireland's connection to the British Empire, as well as the Irish unionist mindset that drove a determination to remain within it. These movements often had global connections to the Irish diaspora and to imperialist or anti-imperialist movements around the world. I also consider the opinions and priorities of British people, parties, and politicians, whose interactions with Ireland were often perceived through the lens of imperial and international interests. My work has implications for global imperial and anti-imperialist history, political science, and identity formation.
My former work as a journalist with international business news source GlobalAtlanta focused on economic and cultural interaction between the U.S. and Ireland.


2012 - Present Ph.D., Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2009 - 2011 MA, Georgia State University

Research Interests

Modern Ireland, Military History, European History, and Colonialism and Anti-Colonialism

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