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About Michelle Barton-Forbes

Dr. Michelle Barton is a pediatric infectious disease specialist with special interest in infections in epidemiology of vaccine-preventable and emerging infections (e.g. COVID-19), infections in racialized communities (e.g. Black Communities), infections in immunocompromised hosts or those with immature immunity (e.g. neonates/young infants with congenital or acquired neonatal infections), neurological infections (e.g. meningitis, encephalitis, acute flaccid myelitis and shunt infections).

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Children's Health Collaborators: Dr. Maryam Nouri , Dr. Naveen Poonai and Dr. Demirkaya

As an active member of large research networks like the Pediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (PICNIC), Dr. Barton is a collaborator on several multi-centre clinical studies. Her research is primarily directed at understanding the epidemiology of  serious invasive infections in children including vaccine-preventable infections, emerging infections and neurological infections..  She has interest in infections in   hosts  with immature or suppressed immune systems  such as neonates, transplant recipients and other immunodeficient hosts.She has published on congenital  and perinatal infections, candidiasis , bacterial and viral CNS infections in neonates and children.

The PICNIC’s COVID-19 Cohort is a large multicentre paediatric cohort that was birthed from a proposal Dr Barton conceived and submitted to the PICNIC executive committee. This 17-centre cohort study boasts several publications and pre-prints that help to define epidemiology, risk factors and clinical spectrum of this disease in children. She is also actively involved in research that seeks to understand the immune responses to COVID-19 disease as well as COVID-19 vaccine in racialized groups including the Black community.

Dr. Barton is the Chair of the Canadian Paediatric Society Infectious Disease and Immunization committee and has co-authored national guidelines and practice points for several infections. Frequent national  and international collaborators include infectious diseases specialists Dr. Nicole Lesaux, ( Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario), and Dr. Joan Robinson (University of Alberta) and  Dr Upton Allen ( The Hospital for Sick Children) and  Dr Dele Davies ( University of Nebraska Medical Center).


Present Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute ‐ Children's Health Research Institute (CHRI)
Present Division Head, Infectious Diseases; Associate Professor, Western University Department of Paediatrics
Present Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, London Health Sciences Centre ‐ Children's Hospital


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