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Collecting Campus Culture: Collaborations and Collisions
Society of American Archivists (2011)
  • Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Meg Miner, Illinois Wesleyan University

[Note: This poster was revised by Meg Miner from an April 2011 work presented by Davis-Kahl and Miner to ACRL.]

In 2007, a library at a small liberal arts college jumpstarted two initiatives that set two colleagues on a parallel path to collecting, archiving and digitizing campus content, such as student and faculty scholarship and creative works, internal publications, minutes of key committees, historical information, and other materials. An archivist and special collections librarian and a scholarly communications librarian, were tasked, respectively, with creating and implementing a records management program and a scholarly communications program, including coordination of a new institutional repository.

As both initiatives progressed, the two found that their roles intersected more often than not, and that the lines between their work became increasingly blurry as new opportunities were identified both within campus and in the community. The archivist and scholarly communications librarian found themselves united on some fronts, but divided at times on big picture questions such as the definition of campus culture and the extent to which we should collect products of that culture, how to best describe and structure collections, and who should be responsible for certain collections.

The two librarians will share their perspectives on the advantages of the current structure and will also discuss their best practices for outreach and educating key campus leaders and offices about their work to create buy-in, commitment to and excitement about their programs. Interwoven throughout the presentation will be examples of how these issues were navigated for specific collections in the archives and in the institutional repository.

Publication Date
August 22, 2011
Citation Information
Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Meg Miner. "Collecting Campus Culture: Collaborations and Collisions." 2011 Research Forum, 75th Annual Meeting, Society of American Archivists. Chicago, IL. Aug. 2011. Available at: