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About Mark Beekey

My current research focuses on (1) the population dynamics of horseshoe crabs with respect to reproductive behavior, population demographics; and dispersal; and (2) integrating ecosystem management techniques with coastal restoration projects. We are currently focusing our horseshoe crab research efforts on defining the habitat requirements for juvenile horseshoe crabs along with an investigation of their growth and survivorship. We continue to monitor spawning populations of horseshoe crabs through extensive involvement of citizen scientists. My restoration ecology research currently focuses on the use of living shorelines or green infrastructure to stabilize coastal shorelines while increasing biodiversity and habitat complexity. I maintain my interest in how invasive invertebrates influence aquatic communities with regards to aquatic community structure and stability as well as how evolution shapes life history strategies of aquatic invertebrates.

I also work with the Isabelle Farrington College of Education to develop innovative approaches to teaching science at the elementary and middle school levels. Over the past few years we have been working Connecticut's Department of Higher Education to teach elementary and middle school teachers science content and delivery methods.


September 2017 - Present Professor, Sacred Heart University Department of Biology
2000 - 2017 Associate Professor, Sacred Heart University Department of Biology

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Honors and Awards

  • Promotion, 2017


  • BI278 – Coastal Ecology of Ireland
  • BI260 – Marine Biolog
  • BI240 – Invertebrate Biology
  • BI202/204 Populations to Ecosystems
  • BI112/114 Concepts in Biology II
  • BI111/113 Concepts in Biology I


2001 Ph.D. Biological Sciences, University of Delaware
1994 B.S. Ecology, Juniata College

Contact Information

Biology Department
Academic Bldg SC 205E
College of Arts and Sciences


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