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About María Cristina Burgueño

Cristina Burgueño graduated as Professor of History in Uruguay, her native country. There she taught at the undergraduate level from 1980 to 1992. In 1992 she came to the United States of America to develop her research on Latin American cultural identities. She got a Ph.D. degree at The Ohio State University in 1996, and the same year she joined the Department of Modern Languages at Marshall University, where she has taught Language courses as well as Latin American Culture and Peninsular Literature. She has also taught Graduate and Honors' courses on Latin American Women, Latin American Culture, and the 19th Century European Cultural Neo-Colonization in Latin America.
In 2000 she published a book entitled “La modernidad uruguaya. Imágenes e identidades. 1848-1900.” [The Uruguayan Modernity. Images and Identities. 1848-1900] (Montevideo: Linardi Risso, 2000). This book deals with the cultural production of national identity images through canonical literary works. A deconstructing reading of these works shows that images of identity are based in a Eurocentric point of view about minorities, women, and poor people.
Dr. Burgueño is an enthusiastic participant in national and international conferences on Latin American Cultures. Currently she is developing research on the Afro-Latin American cultural production with emphasis in Uruguay, and she has published several articles related to this topic.


Present Professor of Spanish and Latin American Cultures, Department of Modern Languages, Marshall University

Contact Information

Phone: 304-696-2746