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About Lindon H. Young

Lindon H. Young is the director of the Pharmacology course in the Biomedical Sciences MS program and teaches in selected courses in the DO program at PCOM. 

Dr. Young specializes in the area of cardiovascular pharmacology and has mentored over 63 MS and DO/PhD students and four PCOM residents from 2002 to present on various research projects that range from cellular based assays to human studies. 

Dr. Young’s training has helped our students accomplish educational and research objectives, and continues to strive to improve the quality of teaching and mentorship to our Biomedical Sciences and DO students to pass standardized tests (e.g. Medical board exams) by having an integrative session that requires class participation via the use of the “clicker” system. Such a system enables us to immediately evaluate the classroom’s understanding of the pharmacology material. This system has proven to be effective and the classroom appears to enjoy the presentation of the material. 

Dr. Young has also mentored PCOM residents that have been hired as Clinical Research Associates in our myocardial I/R drug development program.


Present Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Department of Bio-Medical Sciences


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P: 215-871-6832


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