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About Lester G Telser

I am an Emeritus Professor of Economics, Economics Department, University of Chicago where I have taught since 1958. My current research interests apply the theory of the core to economics. I am especially interested in empty core situations. My second interest is monetary theory and policy.


Present Faculty Member, University of Chicago

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Economic applications of Core Theory and Monetary Theory and Policy

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JEL O34 Intellectual Property Rights,JEL N10 Economic History (1)

N22 (1)

JEL B10 Economic Science (1)

Cost Conditions (2)

Economic Growth and Productivity (1)

Core Models, (4)

JEL B10 Enonomic Science (1)

N12 (1)

E44 (1)

JEL E52 Monetary Policy (8)

Monetary Policy (2)

JEL O47 Measurement of Economic Growth (1)

Speculation (1)