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About Kristine Muñoz

Kristine's research and theory are centered in the ethnography of speaking based on fieldwork in Colombia, England, Spain, Finland, and the Midwestern U.S. Her current work centers around persuasion and personal relationships in cultural context, particularly in moments of poaching and improvisation at the intersections of public (media representations and discourses) and private (everyday conversation between, and relational narratives of, relational partners. Her work combines elements of sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and the ethnography of speaking. She teaches ethnographic theory and methods, persuasion, and writing as ethnographic method at the graduate level, and teaches persuasion and Core Concepts of Communication at the undergraduate level.
Kristine's work has received the Gerald R. Miller Award for Outstanding Research in Interpersonal Communication (1999), the Outstanding Scholarship in Language and Social Interaction Award (2009) and, with Kathleen Valde, the B. Aubrey Fisher Outstanding Article Award (2005). She has been a Leverhulme Fellow in the UK (1999), a University of Iowa Global Scholar (1998-99) and was a Fulbright Dissertation Fellow in Colombia (1987).


Present Professor, Communication Studies, University of Iowa Communication Studies Department

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Scholarship Award in Language and Social Interaction, 2008
  • B. Aubrey Fisher Outstanding Article Award, 2005 (with Kathleen Valde)
  • Thomas M. Scheidel Distinguished Faculty Lecture, University of Washington, 2004
  • Gerald R. Miller Award for Outstanding Research in Interpersonal Communication, 1999

Articles (25)