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About Katherine D. Harris

Since September 2005, San Jose State University has provided me with a foundation to explore both traditional and non-traditional venues for service, teaching and scholarship. Because we are situated in Silicon Valley, we have the unique opportunity to form industry partnerships with Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and others. As a literary scholarly, this is perhaps a more difficult task than science or business faculty. Because I have received support from former Dean Karl Toepfer, Academic Technology, the English Department and the scholarly community at large, I have been able to accomplish much as a literary scholar and a Digital Humanist, a field that relies on collaboration and interdisciplinarity. With an underlying commitment to integrating, exploring and intellectualizing technology and its tools, my scholarship, teaching and service has allowed me to become part of a cutting-edge movement that is re-shaping the Humanities.


Present Professor, San Jose State University English and Comparative Literature

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