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About Karina K. R. Hensberry

My research agenda centers on deepening our understanding of what it takes to teach mathematics effectively and equitably to all K-12 students, and supporting inservice and preservice teachers to do so. I am particularly interested in the ways that teachers support students who have been marginalized in schools and in our society to learn and make sense of mathematics. I focus on the use of computer technology to engage students in mathematical practices, and the role that culturally responsive teaching plays in supporting marginalized students. I also focus on integrated STEAM education as a means for improving students’ mathematical knowledge and skills. I have identified the following broad themes in my research and scholarship:
  • Supporting preservice and inservice teachers to develop effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and a culturally and linguistically responsive mathematics pedagogy through teacher education and professional development, and the role of teacher leaders in this context;
  • Design of and best practices for implementing interactive simulations as a tool for supporting student engagement in mathematical practices, particularly for marginalized students;
  • Understanding how teachers use technology and integrate STEAM into mathematics classrooms; and
Exploring the role and impact of STEAM-based outdoor education for supporting mathematics learning.


Present Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • NSF Discovery Research K-12, $2,199,109 (funded) Perkins, Hensberry, Webb, & Whitacre, (2015-2018). Teaching and Learning Algebraic Thinking Across the Middle Grades (1503510)
  • PhET Interactive Simulations Project nominated for WISE Award from the WISE Initiative. Award recognizes innovative projects that address global educational Challenges. 1 of 15 finalists.
  • 2017 Invited speaker at Azalea Middle School Women in STEM breakfast. This event holds the goal of connecting women in our community who work in STEM fields with middle school girls.
  • 2011 Nominee for the University of Florida College of Education Outstanding Graduate Leadership Award


  • MAE 4310: Teaching Mathematics in the Inclusive Elementary Classroom (blended)
  • EDG 4930: UFTeach Project-based Instruction
  • MAE 6654: Technology-enhanced Algebra for Middle Grades Teachers
  • MAE 6315: Algebraic Thinking for Elementary Teachers
  • MAE 6329: Geometry and Measurement for Middle Grades Teachers
  • MAE 6316: Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teachers
  • MAE 6550: Technology-enhanced Numerical Analysis for Middle Grades Teachers
  • MAE 6334: Problem Solving for Elementary Teachers
  • MAE 5347: Teaching K-8 Mathematics for Understanding (blended)
  • MAE 5332: Secondary School Mathematics Methods
  • EDG 6931: Classroom Contexts that Support Self-Regulated Learning and Mathematical Understanding (online)


Ph.D., University of Florida ‐ Curriculum and Instruction
M.Ed., University of Florida ‐ Curriculum and Instruction
B.S., University of Florida ‐ Mathematics

Contact Information

Office: COQ 217
Phone: 727.873-4273


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