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About Justin P. Boren

Justin Boren’s current research focuses on the way that organizational and interpersonal social support networks impact stress by exploring specific health-related outcomes. He is an affiliate of the Health Communication Research Laboratory at Christopher Newport University, where he works with colleagues to develop innovative complementary medicine interventions to improve health. His primary research interests include social support, co-rumination, division of household labor, work/life balance, organizational culture, and both psychological and physiological stress. He is also interested in psychoneuroendocrinology, advanced quantitative methods and design, employee relationships, training and development, family communication, health and wellness, mediation, negotiation, and workplace conflict management.
At Santa Clara, Boren teaches courses in organizational communication, interpersonal communication, quantitative research methods, and a course he developed titled “The Biology of Human Communication,” which takes a communibiologicalapproach to the exploration of communication and health. Boren is a member of the American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and National Communication Association.
For more information, and to keep up with Dr. Boren's blog and news, visit his site.


Present Assistant Professor of Communication, Santa Clara University

Contact Information

Phone: 408-551-7057
Location: Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Hall
Room number: Vari Hall 217


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