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About Joseph M. Wheaton

I am an ecogeomorphologist and I am fascinated by rivers and streams and the biota that occupy and alter the habitat shaped by such systems. I have strong applied interests in the restoration and the management of watersheds and their rivers and have worked extensively at the interface between environmental policy, practice and science. I strive to find practical outlets for my research and in particular take the technological and methodological developments we work on and package them into tools and frameworks of use to both practitioners and researchers. Some of the hot applied topics my lab (ET-AL) has been working on lately include:
• Developing 'cheap and cheerful' restoration and monitoring approaches
o Usingbeaverasarestorationtool
o Using HDLWD (high density large woody debris) to restore dynamic, self-sustaining,
complex habitats to recover salmonid fish populations
• Developing multi-scalar monitoring protocols (see CHaMP and Big Rivers Monitoring Protocol)
• Pioneering new analytical tools to help the community deal with a new era of big data (see:
GCD, ZCloud Tools, MBES Tools, BRAT)
There are three broad themes in which most of the research I pursue fits into: 1. Linking Fluvial Geomorphology & Ecohydraulics
2. Monitoring and Adapting to Change
3. Scenario Model Development
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Present Assistant Professor, Utah State University Quinney College of Natural Resources, Watershed Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Overseas Research Studentship, 2003-2006
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Accomplishment in Hydrology, 2002
  • LAWR Opportunity Fund, 2002


2008 Ph.D., University of Southampton
2003 M.S., University of California, Davis ‐ Hydrologic Sciences
2002 B.S., University of California, Davis ‐ Hydrology

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Peer-Reviewed Research Publications (50)