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About Jonathan Blitz

Most of my current research involves fundamental and applied aspects of chemically modified silica surfaces. On the fundamental side we study the kinetics and mechanism of organosilane reactions with model compounds and silica surfaces. Our current applied work is concerned with ion exchanging iron onto silica to make catalysts for environmental remediation of organochlorine compounds. With the help of collaborations we combine experimental and theoretical/computational chemistry to understand chemical reactions at surfaces. We are also involved in various other projects, usually shorter term.


Present Professor, Eastern Illinois University Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Interests

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  • CHM 1310, 1410, 1510 - General Chemistry I, II
  • CHM 1315, 1415, 1515 - General Chemistry Laboratory I, II
  • CHM 2730 - Quantitative Analysis
  • CHM 3780 - Instrumental Analysis
  • CHM 5100 - Graduate Analytical Chemistry

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Research Works (30)