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About Joanne Paterson

Joanne Paterson is currently the Head Research and Scholarly Communcation

Previously: Head, Metadata Access, following a 3 year stint as the Coordinator of Western Libraries Open Access Institutional Repository, Scholarship@Western. She supervises the metadata specialists who catalogue library materials and oversaw the activities of Scholarship@Western (S@W), mentoring and engaging LIRM and other staff members as needed. She fielded inquiries from faculty, staff, and students about Scholarship@Western, which may have included, copyright, author rights, open access, and other related Scholarly Publishing questions, as well as requests for information about S@W programs and services. Joanne is keenly interested in digital curation and digital preservation, and draws on her background in musicology and the humanities to support digitization projects. Joanne holds a BMus in Music History and Literature, a BA in General Humanities and an MA in Musicology from The University of Calgary, in addition to an MScILS from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Bragging rights:
Honourary Scot


2018 - Present Head, Research and Scholarly Communcation, Western University Western Libraries

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Contact Information

Joanne Paterson, BMus, BA in General Humanities, MA in Musicology, MScILS
Head, Research and Scholarly Communcation
M2 D.B.Weldon Library
Western Libraries
Western University
London, ON N6A 3K7


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